Fire & Rescue Services

Fire and Rescue Services

The firefighters, captains, and command officers of the Maryland Heights Fire District are always ready to respond for any emergency; fire, hazardous materials, entrapment, collapsed structures, gas leaks, vehicle accidents, and any other incident threatening life or property. The rapid response of our highly trained personnel with state-of-the-art equipment provides effective mitigation of any hazard.

Fire Apparatus

Rescue Pumper 4414


4414 is a 2022 Sutphen heavy-duty custom pumper with a 600 gallon water tank and began serving our community with us on June 16, 2022. Built with pride by Sutphen Corporation and Teamsters Local 284, Rescue Pumper 4414 weighs in at 44,010lbs and measures 10’ 8” tall and 34’ 7” long. This state-of-the-art apparatus carries a full complement of advanced life support medical equipment and firefighting tools along with specialized rescue equipment. Water and Ice rescue suits, active shooter, high angle rope, and hydraulic rescue tools are just some of the specialized equipment this truck is outfitted with.

The Sutphen Corporation, 100% American owned, has been in operation by the same Sutphen family for over 130 years and is the oldest continuously owned and and operated fire apparatus manufacturer in the country.

Rescue Ladder 4425


4425 is a 2018 one hundred and nine foot ladder used to perform rescues, as a work platform for firefighters, or as a water tower. The truck carries 600 gallons of water on board for firefighting and is equipped with a compressed air foam system and other state of the art rescue equipment.

Reserve Engine 4490


4490 is a 2001 Precision with a Spartan cab and chassis. It is equipped with 725 gallons of water on board for firefighting.

Technical Support 4499


4499 is a 2021 Kenworth T370 chassis with a Hackney Roll Up style body. It serves as a Technical Support unit for any large scale incident. Such incidents would include a large scale flammable or combustible liquid fire. Unit 4499 carries 360 gallons of AFFF-ATC Firefighting foam concentrate.

Unit 4499 can also support any large scale or major rescue response. It carries hand tools, dimensional timber and shoring equipment for structure collapse stabilization operations, as well as additional shoring equipment including pneumatic struts and shoring panels for trench or excavation collapse. 4499 also carries concrete breaking and cutting tools to support breaching structural components to access trapped or entombed victims. Additionally, 4499 is equipped to support Confined Space Rescues with supplied air respirators, Tripod, rescue rope, ventilation fans, stokes basket and SKED stretcher.

The truck is also equipped to support heavy extrication operations at major vehicle accidents. Heavy duty air bags and large cribbing and heavy duty hydraulic tools are on the unit to  assist with heavy lifting and cutting or prying requirements.

Support Vehicle 4409


4409 is a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Support / Tow vehicle equipped with Computer aided dispatch connectivity, and power inverter for support of the department’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone program).

All-Terrain Vehicle 4428


4428 is a 2014 Polaris 6×6 Ranger that was purchased through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Grant Program. It is equipped with a small firefighting pump and hose and other equipment for wild land firefighting. 4428 also has capabilities for patient transport from inaccessible areas such as many locations throughout Creve Coeur Park.

Rescue Watercraft 4429


4429 is a 2014 high pressure quick fill inflatable 430 RS Rescue Boat that was purchased through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Grant Program. It is equipped with an Evinrude 40HP E-Tec Rescue Pump Jet and a 500 Series Trailer. It carries small rescue and EMS equipment and allows the District access to conduct rescue and emergency medical operations on Creve Coeur Lake.

Rescue Pumper 4414R (Reserve)


4414R is a 2011 Rosenbauer with a Spartan cab and chassis. It is equipped with 725 gallons of water on board for firefighting, and carries a full complement of rescue equipment from high angle to extrication and other technical rescue equipment.