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Visiting the District Office

Due to COVID 19, we ask that you call our office at  (314) 298-4400 in advance before coming in to pick up permits or for other District business.

All Plans for Building Permits Should Now Be Submitted Electronically.

In an effort to keep everyone safe and limit personal contact, we are asking that all Building Plans and Permit Applications be submitted via email to [email protected].  See Permits for additional information on submitting large files. The $150 Plan Review Fee is payable in advance.  Upon approval, there will be a $100 Base Permit Fee + $3/$1,000 of Construction Costs.

The Maryland Heights Fire Protection District is only accepting credit card payments, cashiers checks or company checks for payment of permit fees. No personal checks will be accepted.

New Custodian of Records

Janice Muschany is hereby appointed custodian of the records of the Maryland Heights Fire Protection District. The custodian is located at 2600 Schuetz Rd. and shall respond to all requests for access to or copies of a public record within the time period provided by statute except in those circumstances authorized by statute.  [email protected]